T-Shirt Dresses and Mimimi is a curated collection of stylish dresses, hand selected by the owner who is in love with beach style living. With the idea of taking a single look from day to night by simply adding a jacket or a pair of heels, she set out to cultivate a line of dresses that could be worn for any occasion by any person. The owner wants to show women that being stylish doesn’t have to be hard. Adding a single accessory to a look can change it entirely.

T-Shirt Dresses and Mimimi is dedicated to building their product line full of dresses that can be worn everyday by real people. T-Shirt Dresses and Mimimi believes in authenticity and body positivity. They want to cultivate an interactive and engaged circle with their customers in order to promote loving our bodies as they are. Mimimi promotes attainable style. Tailored to the ones who are ready to embrace their raw beauty, Mimimi is taking a crack at changing the beauty industry standards.

T-Shirt Dresses and Mimimi provides a new way to shop for quality items without breaking the bank and only uses real models and never uses airbrushing or photoshop in order to promote the authentic beauty of every woman. Nothing is worse than ordering something online, paying for expedited shipping and not receiving your item for week. As a locally owned, US based company, Mimimi’s promise is to have your package delivered when they say it will be.

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