7 Tips to Help You Clean and Organize Your Closet

Organizing the closet can seem like such an intimidating task, which is why many people put it off. Don’t worry, you are not alone in your dilemma. There are countless of others out there who are stuck in the same battle with their messy closets. If you often find yourself wanting to clean your closet but always end up delaying it, then this guide is for you.

Having an organized closet goes beyond just aesthetic purposes, although that is important too. A clean closet can save you time when dressing up, boost productivity and inspire you to organize other parts of your home.

Here are 7 effective tips to help you out:

1. Start with small tasks.

Thinking about fixing the entirety of your whole closet can cause you to curl up in a ball and just hide under the sheets. To avoid being overwhelmed, it is best to start small, especially if you have a huge closet. Section your clothes accordingly – from underwear to accessories and begin with the easier ones.

2. Minimize, minimize, minimize.

One of your main goals when cleaning the closet should be to minimize all of the chaos going on inside your closet. You’ve probably accumulated loads of clothing over the years that you don’t really need. These just fill up your closet and take up space that can be used by a more versatile piece.

3. Make piles to keep or let go of.

Make KEEP, MAYBE, DONATE, THROW AWAY piles to help you in identifying which pieces can stay or go. There is such a thing as the “One Year Rule” – where you ask yourself if you have worn a certain piece within the year. If the answer is no, then it is unlikely that you will be wearing that again and you probably don’t need to keep it anymore.

4. Consider fixing damaged items.

There might be clothes in your MAYBE or DONATE piles that are torn or damaged. Before throwing them away, consider fixing them first. If you have sewing skills, you might want to spruce up old clothes instead of letting them go. If there are damages that can no longer be fixed, then it might be time to put them in the THROW pile.

5. Assess your MAYBE pile.

Your MAYBE pile will most likely be big. It is normal to want to have pieces that are hard to part with. Whether it’s a style that you are holding on to or a piece that is sentimental to you, there will be a couple of items that will need assessment. A good way to test it is by wearing that piece of clothing in the upcoming week. If you are not feeling it anymore or have a hard time styling it, let it go.

6. Don’t keep similar-looking clothes.

Don’t keep items that look alike. You don’t need really need four black blazers that have the same exact style. If you have a lot of clothes that look similar, choose to keep the ones that you use more often. This should also be applied to basics like jeans, comfy tees and polo shirts.

7. Organize everything.

Expect to spend a lot of time in deciding which pieces to put in your piles. Sometimes, this process can even take a couple of days. When you have finished, move your DONATE and THROW AWAY piles outside of the room or place them in containers. Now, it is time to work on organizing your KEEP items and placing them back in your closet. Use organizers like hangers, hooks and boxes to expand your space. You will be surprised at how much better your closet will look when you have organized everything.